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About James Mendrick

In announcing my candidacy for the Office of Sheriff for DuPage County, I am seeking to restore faith in law enforcement through demonstrated care and concern for the men and women who serve at the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office, their families, and the extended families that are represented by the citizens that we serve and protect. My emphasis will be on strong non-partisan community partnerships and relationships seeking mutual guidance and cooperation in our efforts to continue to make DuPage County a safe community in which to live and work, a place that we all call home.

Media Center


I will create a media center within our Office. I believe the local media and the Sheriff's Office could have a symbiotic relationship where we can easily relate important facts and information to media outlets which would improve public safety operations and efficiencies. Crimes in progress, missing people or other evolving incidents could quickly be relayed [...]

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Fiscal Savings


It's the responsibility of any elected official to create fiscal savings to the taxpayers while simultaneously enhancing services. One area that this can be achieved is delivery of technology. Our current technology is administered through a site-based hardware server room. Expensive storage and upgrades are "daisy-chained" in this physical server room. I propose to move towards [...]

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Cyber Security in Law Enforcement


Technology continues to evolve for many industries both in the public and private sector. However, the constant threat of cyber-attacks is on an unprecedented rise. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center Organization (link), to-date we have had over 791 reported data breaches estimated to reach 1,500 by the end of 2017, a 37% increase from [...]

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Our Extended Family


Since the 1700s dogs have been “Man’s Best Friend”. The term was introduced by Frederick the Great of Prussia. As K-9 commander for many years, I have worked with our family of Law Enforcement canines while I oversaw the budget and training program. Just like your pets at home, our service dogs become endeared to us [...]

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Never Forgotten


I plan to reach out to all of our retirees to let them know their years of service have not gone unnoticed. I will create an ambassador within the DuPage County Sheriffs Office that will liaison with past employees to check on them and determine if there are any services that we could provide for them [...]

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MAP Union Endorsement


As I've said before, a Sheriff can only be truly successful if they have the support of the Deputies. This is an Office that I would not seek nor want without them supporting me. The endorsement that I received tonight from Map Local 126 is representative of the DuPage County Sheriff's Deputies in Law [...]

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Thank you 8,000 + voters who have signed my nominating petitions


And so it begins. Today we all turn in our nominating petitions to be placed on the 2018 ballot. I turned in 838 sheets representing more than 8000 voters who have signed my petition to run for the Office of DuPage County Sheriff. My team did it the right way and did it clean. [...]

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Mental Health and Public Safety


Mental illness and developmental disorders are a growing concern in our nation. How law enforcement and public safety entities react to this challenge is of paramount importance because of the effect it has on so many lives. The first step is having the ability to identify the symptoms of a developmental disorder or mental illness. The [...]

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DuPage United Crisis Intervention Team Training Commitment


Below is a transcript of a speech about mental health Crisis Intervention Training given at DuPage United on Nov 15, 2015. DuPage United as an organization of organizations. DuPage United is an inclusive, non-profit, non-partisan organization whose members are civil society institutions: churches, mosques, synagogues, non-profit agencies, and associations. This mix of institutions have come [...]

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