Cyber Security in Law Enforcement

Technology continues to evolve for many industries both in the public and private sector. However, the constant threat of cyber-attacks is on an unprecedented rise. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center Organization (link), to-date we have had over 791 reported data breaches estimated to reach 1,500 by the end of 2017, a 37% increase from 2016. It’s much easier for someone to rob an identity and attempt to steal their assets then it is to break into someone’s home. It’s time for us to change and prevent this crime.

Cyber Security starts through building an infrastructure that allows trained deputies and qualified staff members to be part of an effective team. We need to ensure that we have the latest technology to track criminals down and bring them to justice. Our current technology infrastructure, policies, and capabilities have prevented us from joining other law enforcement agencies in the cyber world in the 21st century.

My promise to our citizens is that I plan on implementing my cyber plan on my first day as your new DuPage County Sheriff.

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