Experienced DuPage County Sheriff Candidate

I have worked most of the positions at the Sheriff’s Office. Everything from deputy to administrative bureau chief. I am the only DuPage County Sheriff Candidate that has actual command experience on the street. I am also the only experienced candidate that has managed the agency wide budget and headcount which gives me the ability to introduce new initiatives that will make our county safer while simultaneously saving taxpayer dollars. I have the backing of the men and women in blue. The deputies in all three bureaus have decided to endorse me through their local chapters. I would have no desire to be Sheriff without the support of the rank and file.

Experienced DuPage County Sheriff Candidate

My opponent has the desire to keep things the way they are, but I feel we greatly need to evolve by leasing better technology that will improve our services while saving money. I believe significant cost savings can be garnered by diverting nonviolent offenders with mental illness or developmental disabilities from the jail to private treatment. I will implement bulk purchasing will other agencies to reduce equipment costs to our taxpayers. I believe in public safety; not politics. This is the defining difference between me and my opponent.

A Sheriff nor any other elected official should have the ability to pick their successor and have continued control of an agency. I was Sheriff Zaruba’s first pick to run for Sheriff. He then rescinded his support because he didn’t agree with other endorsements that I received. At that point, Sheriff Zaruba became my opponents political Chairman, promoted him several times, gave him extremely large amounts of taxpayer money in the form of raises in pensionable income, made him my immediate supervisor and then gave him the Created title of Undersheriff so he could do press releases for political exposure. So, when I have a political event and I need to use a vacation day, I must get approval from my political opponent. We need new perspectives, new strategies to fight crime and we need to have good relationships with the other units of government such as the county board and the municipal police and fire agencies. Life is all about relationships. My long list of endorsements  prove that I know how to cultivate meaningful relationships that will allow the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office to thrive.

This will never be James Mendrick’s Sheriff’s Office. It will belong to the deputies, the citizens, the working class and all of the other stakeholders in DuPage County. Learn more about my platform.

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