Our Extended Family

Since the 1700s dogs have been “Man’s Best Friend”. The term was introduced by Frederick the Great of Prussia. As K-9 commander for many years, I have worked with our family of Law Enforcement canines while I oversaw the budget and training program. Just like your pets at home, our service dogs become endeared to us and are a part of our family. After 10 years of service ,on average, our K-9s retire. Our K-9 handlers are fortunate to be able to adopt their partners once their service is complete. Our handlers care very much for their retired counterparts and also bear all expenses after the canine is separated from the Sheriff’s Office. Through one of our K-9 handlers I recently discovered retiredpaws.org Through generous donations they assist retired K9s with medical expenses and caretaking. Retired Paws is a registered non-profit organization that is tax exempt under 501(c)(3). The Sheriff’s Office personnel and myself have the honor to work next to some of the greatest “Man’s Best Friends”, and my goal is to work with organizations such as this to ensure that our loyal canine partners are cared for even after they hang up their badge.

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