James Mendrick Endorsed By MAP Union for DuPage County Sheriff Candidate

James Mendrick has been endorsed by MAP (Metropolitan Alliance of Police) Local 126 for the Republican nomination for DuPage County Sheriff

Metropolitan Alliance Of Police Union Logo

As I’ve said before, a Sheriff can only be truly successful if they have the support of the Deputies. This is an Office that I would not seek nor want without them supporting me. The endorsement that I received tonight from MAP (Metropolitan Alliance of Police) Local 126 means more than any political endorsement. MAP Local 126 is representative of the DuPage County Sheriff’s Deputies in Law Enforcement and the Courthouse. This means a great deal to me. These are the people who keep our County safe every single day. They are also my peers which makes me feel so honored to have their backing. Thank you so much to my brothers and sisters in blue for your endorsement! I will not let you down.

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