Canine Unit (K-9) Importance

Expanding DuPage County Sheriff’s Office Canine Unit (K-9)

I’ve been the Canine Commander for over ten years. This is a unit that needs to be expanded. Our dogs provide very unique safety services.

Bloodhound Canines

The bloodhound canines can find missing people, lost children or suspects of a crime miles away. These types of calls require a massive amount of manpower, resources and overtime expenses until they are resolved. A bloodhound can bring many of these incidents to a quick conclusion creating a safer county while saving money. Adding another two bloodhounds would offer our office countywide assistance to other agencies for lifesaving missions.

Expanding DuPage Sheriff's Office Canine Unit

Drug Detection Canines

We only have one drug detection canine currently and that canine team is retiring May 2018. I have been unable to gain permission from the current administration to replace this critical asset, so we will no longer provide this service.
I strongly believe that during this current opioid crisis, we need these canines. I will place a drug detection canine on each shift. This increases drug detection not only for the Sheriff’s Office, but they can assist the other thirty-two municipal police agencies within DuPage County. This will take dope off our streets and the asset seizures will take “bad guy” money to help fund our operations. The dogs are not expensive and the services they provide pay for themselves ten times over.

Hazardous Device Canines

We have one hazardous device canine (bomb dog) placed in the courthouse. I would also have an additional bomb dog out on patrol. These canines can detect a myriad of explosives, guns and bullet casings. This would create rapid responses to volatile incidents where people can get hurt if quick detection isn’t accomplished.

These canines have abilities that a human does not possess. We need these dogs to keep residents safe and to save taxpayer dollars by bringing in drug money and resolving major incidents that would otherwise require mass amounts of overtime. This is an essential service that I will provide to local law enforcement agencies and the residents of DuPage County.

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