Legal Eagles Radio Show WCGO AM 1590

I had the pleasure of being on the Legal Eagles Radio show Saturday, September 1 from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Host William Pelarenos created “Legal Eagles” in order to inform listeners of the workings of law enforcement and the criminal justice system. We covered several topics ranging from my experience to my platform. You may listen to all three segments if you were not able to tune in.

Clip 1
Topics covered in this segment of the Legal Eagles radio show are: experience, current status of law enforcement, K-9 program, mental health, JUST of DuPage program, CIT training, Autism, Opioid Crisis, Narcan, AEDs, and the EpiPen.

Clip 2
Topics covered in the segment of Legal Eagles radio show are: Tasers, body cameras, cloud-based technology, push notifications, dispatch technology, budget knowledge, school violence (Psychological Factors/Technology), and mental health.

Clip 3
Topics covered in the segment of Legal Eagles radio show are: Opioid Crisis, collecting unused medication, diversionary programs for offenders, working with families to help offenders, relationships with others to create a national model, and a Sheriff’s media center.