The Next Generation Battle in the Dark Web

We’re all familiar with the internet, right? Well, what if I told you there was another layer to the internet where someone could operate in complete anonymity to conduct illegal activities. The Dark Web is the anonymous internet many criminals use to transport drugs, human trafficking, prostitution, weapons, and many other dangerous activities. This information superhighway is completely unstructured without logical addresses and dynamic which makes it that much more difficult to trace or shutdown.

We all know criminals will always find new ways to get into our homes, schools, and communities. They certainly are resourceful and cleaver. Which is why we must evolve and enable our DuPage County Sheriff’s office in this digital age, and understand how the Dark Web impacts us, and learn how to monitor and prevent vital threats to our communities.

I plan on creating a task force that is proactive using the latest technology, and reassure our citizens that we are doing everything within our power to protect our communities, children, and future. We need to have a sustainable and actionable plan that will work for us, and send a clear message to criminals that DuPage County is not a place for you, but a place for law abiding citizens.

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