Qualities of a Sheriff

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There are many qualities needed to be an effective Sheriff. The first and most important is being a good leader. To be a good leader, you have to be a good communicator. Positive communication with deputies, support services, the County Board, local police and fire services and the citizens are all equally critical. If you can’t express your ideas and make yourself accessible to all of the stakeholders in this county for their input, then you cannot succeed. I want to know what our citizens want from their Sheriff’s Office. I want to know what support services local police and fire service need from us. I will solicit input from our employees to ensure we’re doing our jobs the very best way possible. Nothing is about things, it’s all about people. This is why I’m endorsed, through their local chapters, by the deputies in corrections, court security and law enforcement. Having all the men and women in blue supporting me gives me confidence that we will succeed. How the Sheriff interacts with those around him/her will determine the overall health of our Office.


The second most important attribute is intricate knowledge of our budget. I am the only candidate who has managed our agency wide budget and headcount process. I have even been removed from my current duties for weeks at a time by the Sheriff to manage our budget process. I know our budget inside and out and that’s what is going to be essential in fiscal year 2019. With state revenue shortfalls directly affecting the County budget totals, we must learn to do more with less. I have comprehensive budget solutions that will save money while still enhancing public safety services.


The third quality essential to be Sheriff is operational knowledge of the agency. Operational knowledge of how things work in tandem with budget expertise is the only formula that will accomplish the best possible public safety services. I’ve been a deputy, field training officer, patrol sergeant, detective, canine commander, gang commander, accreditation manager and administrative bureau chief. I’ve managed the courthouse, crime laboratory, civil division, I.T. and the telecommunications center just to name a few. I’m the only candidate that has been a commander of patrol. To truly know the job, you have to have been out there, in the field, shoulder to shoulder with the deputies. That to me is the trifecta: Leadership, budget expertise and operational knowledge. I have these qualities and promise to use them to bring you a safer DuPage County. Learn more about my platform.

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