Unified Government

Unified government and good relationships is one the most important issues facing the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office. Currently, the relationship of DuPage County Sheriff’s Office Administration and the County Board is very strained. This affects everything from the budget to the morale of our deputies and support services which is at an all-time low in this current climate. I fully intend to turn that around. I have reviewed my budget solutions and operational enhancements with Chairman Cronin and a majority of the County Board and they all agree that I have the ability to save a great deal of taxpayer money while enhancing public safety services. I’m not waiting to be elected to develop these relationships. Trust is gained over time and consistent communication. For the last couple years, I’ve been discussing what my fiscal approach and new innovations for law enforcement and public safety would be and I have received very positive responses. I truly believe, as a team, we can create a model for public safety that will put the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office on the national map. This will only be achieved through comprehensive, unified government that works to give the very best public safety to the residents of DuPage County. Learn more about my platform.

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